MM & KM Links Oct 2007 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:33 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Tomorrow morning brings the start of Round 2 in the Reign of King Grenmus the Great which he has already declared is dedicated to a Sports theme. Certainly, Sport will dominate this weekend's activity ~ and whatever the shape of the ball, England (and Scotland) will be in contention! I wonder if there will ever be an Olympic Sport of Extreme Shrubbery Wrestling. Have I touched on tomorrow's chosen Sport or will it be yet another? Only time will tell!

Tonight will be frosty around the Buddleias, but the Shrubbery Squad will brave the elements and contend for the bonus of being first (or within two minutes) to predict a correct link word. This should be opened at 08.45 and the chosen words to be linked declared at 09.00 tomorrow morning. I have had words about keeping good time with King Grenmus the Great, who has promised to play with a straight bat (Cricket?).

One feature that has developed from our preambles is that we are beginning to get insight into what complex lives we MM-Linkers lead! Not least must be seekeerz who hails from Down Under in the Land of Oz and has volunteered to score the sister game (called KM Links) which will be nearly two hours old by the MM launch time! Look out for seekeerz from Oz who looks after the scores on the doors in a parallel universe. The KM Links Game kicks off about 07.00 and attracts its special set of nutters, alcoholics and insomniacs in equal numbers!

Me? I'm crofter keeper of the scores for MM Links for my sins. Last Tuesday was my birthday and my new age is "All square" ~ being a prime number times a PERFECT SQUARE, next year will be a PERFECT SQUARE and reverse to order of the digits of my new age gets yet another PERFECT SQUARE. Am I SQUARE? ~ No! But I'd like to think that I'm PERFECT!

Good luck for tomorrow.



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many happy returns crofter, hope i am not putting my foot in it and saying hope you had a great 63rd birthday

Perhaps the shrubbery gang could do our own olympics
throwing the wine bottle?
downing the wine in one? (pauline?)
chasing the sarumite?
Hunt the last bottle?
Pick the snacks?
I am sure the others will have better ideas

I will be ready in the morning
I know what to get you for your next birthday -
a Beatles song " When I'm ...."
I am sure we will all "still love you when you are...."
Evening all!...and Belated 69th Birthday Crofter!!...never was good at maths!! :-)))

Jan..wonder if the links could be shapes as in the odd shaped ball they're playing with tomorrow!!
could be, But grenmus is a Liverpool FOOTBALL supporter,
not sure he is into rugby. What about Englan links?
Are you up for a shrubbery olympics?
Sounds good to me Jan!! Wonder what any of us would take the gold for???...They don't class wine drinking as a sport do they?...what about the egg and spoon race?
P.S. can you put Liverpool and Football in the same sentence???..:-))
OOh Pauline wait until steve gets home and reads that, never mind the egg and spoon race I should just start running! lol
If I start now...don't show him until tomorrow...take him longer to catch me!!
Looks like it is just you and me tonight, we could play snap or happy families!
no Sarumite tonight?
no wine tonight?
I am at work at 10am so staying sober
I'm here girls ... just basking in the glow of the cunning plan last week that gave me a head start in the KM links game ... only trouble is the memory's not what it used to be and I can't remember how I did it !!! (S) lol
Jan...they may come on shortly..when they're in from the pub or the men 'come out'...of hiding!!!....of course!!! :-))

Did you like the new wine you were trying??
saving it for tomorrow, as Steve has been on 2-10 this week but we are both off sunday so will have a glass or two tomorrow night!
good to "see" you S not sure what your plan was last week,
perhaps we should take a look at the shrubbery last week.
Well eat some of those mushrooms growing in your garden, and then you ramble to us women!!!
I like the sound of a good ramble with a good woman ... think the mushrooms can wait until later !!
Psst! Pauline - it was crofter's 63rd birthday last week
Pauline were you invited to the birthday party????
No neither was I
do you think Crofter is trying to tell us somthing?
we would have brought the wine.... well we would have drunk the wine... perhaps that is why my invite was late, or was it just delayed by the posties?
That last was by way of a trial post as I have just upgraded to broadband today and have set up a wireless network in my home so this is on the downstairs laptop instead of the attic desktop. Allseems to be working so i hope it still will be in the morning when the starting pistol is fired (always assuming I am awake).

I thinkthis deserves a bottle of wine to celebrate the successful installation.

Cheers all.
Not into the links game but how I just love reading your banter on a friday evening. Have a good time in the shrubbery!
Sorry hadn't finished! and Crofter I think your Dragonfly quiz is brilliant and I hope you are working on another one to follow it. Thanks

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MM & KM Links Oct 2007 [Week 2]

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