MM & KM Links Oct 2007 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:33 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Tomorrow morning brings the start of Round 2 in the Reign of King Grenmus the Great which he has already declared is dedicated to a Sports theme. Certainly, Sport will dominate this weekend's activity ~ and whatever the shape of the ball, England (and Scotland) will be in contention! I wonder if there will ever be an Olympic Sport of Extreme Shrubbery Wrestling. Have I touched on tomorrow's chosen Sport or will it be yet another? Only time will tell!

Tonight will be frosty around the Buddleias, but the Shrubbery Squad will brave the elements and contend for the bonus of being first (or within two minutes) to predict a correct link word. This should be opened at 08.45 and the chosen words to be linked declared at 09.00 tomorrow morning. I have had words about keeping good time with King Grenmus the Great, who has promised to play with a straight bat (Cricket?).

One feature that has developed from our preambles is that we are beginning to get insight into what complex lives we MM-Linkers lead! Not least must be seekeerz who hails from Down Under in the Land of Oz and has volunteered to score the sister game (called KM Links) which will be nearly two hours old by the MM launch time! Look out for seekeerz from Oz who looks after the scores on the doors in a parallel universe. The KM Links Game kicks off about 07.00 and attracts its special set of nutters, alcoholics and insomniacs in equal numbers!

Me? I'm crofter keeper of the scores for MM Links for my sins. Last Tuesday was my birthday and my new age is "All square" ~ being a prime number times a PERFECT SQUARE, next year will be a PERFECT SQUARE and reverse to order of the digits of my new age gets yet another PERFECT SQUARE. Am I SQUARE? ~ No! But I'd like to think that I'm PERFECT!

Good luck for tomorrow.



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Sorry Laura
That was a bit misleading. We all don't have birthdays tomorrow. Mine was last month and Bert's was in May.
Thanks Joanna..Laura has saved the picture.

Have Jan's posts been removed??
Looks like it Pauline ... I wondered if you'd seen my earlier posts ref zapping jan!!
Oh well ... good night all ... I don't want to turn into a pumpkin or whatever it is that happens after midnight in the shrubbery!!! :O)
Just re-read your post S..trying to be in too many places at once!!!
Wonder what has happened...better leave a note on the other site!!!
It looks like all Jan's posts have gone. What did she do or say?
This is getting barmy!...I'm the biggest culprit of chattering on a Friday night!!!....forced of course!!!
I wasn't aware of her saying anything bad . I wonder if she did too many messages in too short a time!!! Did you think she did anything wrong Pauline?
Well! My watch says it's Midnight your time so Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You.
I hope you have your sound turned on and can hear me singing?
Goodnight and sweet dreams.
Not at all Kay!!....
She did no more than me!
Laura says thanks Ont-ice...she is now going to open her pressies!!
Goodnight Joanna, your singing was beautiful!!! Pauline I think i will have to say goodnight too, I am suddenly very tired. Have a Happy Birthday Laura, and you have a good day too Pauline.Love Kay
Oh must stay just to see what Laura has had for her birthday!!!!!
Thought I'd just pop in here for a few minutes before bedtime to see what's going on in the shrubbery...... Quite a lot!

Happy Birthday to Laura, and to Crofter !

And who has Jan been upsetting ?? .... didn't see or hear anything myself, but judging on all of you Shrubbery Crowd's form, she's considerably less rowdy than most of you (you know who you are!), so her suspension strikes me as pretty weird, but no time to worry about it now. I'm tired and am off to bed, and hope she'll be let out of jail in time for the Links games tomorrow.
Kettledrum...who do you mean???

Kay ...Laura has received some money, as she wants to buy herself a new laptop...and is nearly there!!
Also some jamjams..a new PINK FLUFFY dressing gown..and some jewellery from River Island. ..chocs etc etc
Goodnight all! Sorry the evening ended in our Jan being ex-communicated!!

Hope she is back soon!!!

I think next week we should arrange a Friday Evening visit to editor's trip of course! for sale Friday ..leaving 8pm!!
My post have returned, sorry that they don't make sense now as they disappeared when I first posted them. I made the mistake of repeating which was probably why I was zapped.
(note to self must be more carful in the shrubbery!)
I think it was that Pauline leading me astray

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MM & KM Links Oct 2007 [Week 2]

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