MM & KM Links August (Week 2)

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crofter | 20:17 Fri 10th Aug 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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First things first!
After 42 consecutive weeks scoring MM, Mrs Crofter (Val) and I are taking a 2-week vacation in Tenerife. I shall see the reign of Alibobs through to its fourth week, but will be flying off to the Canary Islands on the last Friday of the month. Do not despair, however, because gen2 has kindly agreed to look after my abacus for me and do the honours!

Second things second!!
Tomorrow will bring the second week in the 4-week reign of Queen Alibobs and I feel that her first week was a great success. She was amused when I told her that her chosen name painted for me a picture of someone capricious and frolicsome! I may have opened Pandora's Box for all sorts of mischief-making! If so, I apologise now.

For anyone new to the Link games, "Where have you been?" Every Saturday brings two Links games ~ MM and KM! The first to kick off is KM at about 7.00-ish tomorrow morning. It is organised by seekeerz all the way from Oz. The idea is to try to predict the link words of Herculis (as many hits as possible and as early as possible).

This is followed at 9.00 by the MM Game, where the links are selected by Alibobs , who was last month's MM Champion (with a score for the month of July of EIGHT points)! Games close at appropriate times on Sunday and all entries are scored!

About 50 ABers enter each week and it's just a bit of harmless fun.
Newcomers are welcome.

Me? I'm crofter the scorer and record keeper.
I can't wait to see what Alibobs gets up to tomorrow morning!

Play fair (especially that Aquagility) & "HAPPY LINKING!"



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Evening all, no hanging around in the shrubbery for me tonight, I would like to say it's because I have to get up early to set the links but it's really to do with the birds and the bees!!!!!!!!

(Pauline's quiz I hasten to add, it's just landed in my inbox!)
Queen Alibobs.....were you ever in the brownies or guides...hmmm! y/gallery_images/life/images/mischievous%20bro wnie.jpg

As Sarumite is 'cut off!' from his internet until Monday!!...I have booked a coach to leave here at 8.30...taking the shrubbery 'gang' to Sarumite's garden! Any takers??? Be a nice surprise for him won't it?? :-)
Crofter...I think Mrs C has earned herself a very welcome break!!!...oh yes and you also!!!
book me a seat pauline, must be back for 9.30 in the morning as I am at work at 10. I will bring the shears to cut his grass reen%20Gem%20Green%20Plastic%20Handle%20Shears %20Foam%20Grip_t.jpg
-- answer removed --
Excellent Jan!....Hope his Mum doesn't get too much of a shock when we all turn up!!!
Do hope you enjoy your holiday and that you won't miss the banter from the Shrubbery and the Other Site too much . Don't forget the suntan lotion !
have you warned him? we will need several tents and sleeping bags and loads of booze to keep the brain oiled
Have sent him a text! Not heard back yet!!
It's quiet on here tonight!! The back seat on the coach is quiet...or are you all up to something else. Bet that Queen Alibobs has something to do with it!!!
looks like it is just you and me pauline shall we start a sing song?
I will crack a bottle
Ooooohhhh!...ta!...I will take a little sip!
Now if I were to sing would wake the whole of Answerbank up...let alone the coach!! We could do with the men to sing their rugby songs!!!
" she'll be coming round the mountain......"
or even ten green bottles would make the others com eto inspect what was happening
What time will we be at Ss?
I sound like my grandkids "are we nearly there yet?"
Eh...Jan...thought I'd been shot then!!! Lost my internet connection for a few mins!!! Horror struck in!! Thought I'd be off too!
Now those songs...I just cannot do with counting songs!!! The girls tease me, and always threaten 10 green bottles! Or the 12 days of Christmas!...anything but....
reckon we should be banging on S's door shortly!!...unless he's had an early night...he hasn't text me back!!!...hey maybe he's having his own fun in his own shrubbery!!! :-)
Stop the bus - I want a weewee
There's always one.
I'm having fun here tonight listening to the Pirate Radio, boy does it bring back memories. We have Johnnie Walker on at the moment I remember sitting on the front Frinton flashing the hedlights and listening to him on the car radio.
Right!...all off!! We have a 15 minute stop here!! Toilet only!...gen2 leave the computer games alone!! Jan...stay out of the bar! and I will go and raid the sweets counter!!!!.....NO SWEARING!!!
Can I have Chocolate.
......... And a drink.

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