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Mnop Quiz Remus

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vonjon | 21:13 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
10 Answers

answer begins with MNO or P

24, my foreign cleaning lady gets upset over the king. Oh dear! (7)

34. Show love....make a public declaration (9)

42. It's almost here...but not quite (6)

60. Perhaps I can help with your effort in a different way? (5)

71. male worker the French mistreat  (9)

81. A little squiffy....but oh so happy (5)

can anyone help with these last few thank you



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24 monarch ...anagram mon char

72 Manhandle  - Man, Hand +Le.

34 Manifesto, declaration Manifest, show+ O, love, nothing.

42 Nearly?

71 Man hand le

81 Merry

Sorry, NAC...should have scrolled.

60 Offer, reversed in clue?

Question Author

Thanks scorpiojo you confirmed one of my answers was wrong 

thanks also to the others who answered

Glad we could help.

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Mnop Quiz Remus

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