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Local Village Quiz Cakes, Bakes & Dessarts

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quizmouse | 09:43 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers

Missing a few.....

A mature gateau (10)

Ready after 'C' (6)

One for a wedding (11)

Change a BBC roll (7) 

One way or another (7)


Go on a bit (6)

These are in a band (4,4)

Fastener (60




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Question Author

Fastener should read (6), sorry



2 Dundee

1. A mature gateau (10)

2. Ready after 'C' (6)

3. One for a wedding (11)

4.Change a BBC roll (7) 

5. One way or another (7)

6. Scrounge(6)

7. Go on a bit (6)

8. These are in a band (4,4)

9. Fastener (60

7. waffle

9 button?

3 Celebration?

3 celebration?

4 cobbler, if that should be 'role'

Quizmaster. This looks an interesting quiz. Where can I obtain a copy please?  

Question Author

I'm not sure, a copy was given to me by a friend but if I can find out I will let you know, it may be expired by now. I have been tackling it for a good while.

Thanks Quizmaster. If its not expired and the closing date is reasonable yes please. 

Question Author

Just 4 left now, thanks everyone, still need 1, 5, 8 & 9.


1 cheesecake?

5 Blondie .......also a song by Blondie

Fastener :- Button cake 

8, Ring Buns.

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Local Village Quiz Cakes, Bakes & Dessarts

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