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The Answers Are All Famous Ships 30.06.2024

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seaside29 | 19:52 Mon 03rd Jun 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
6 Answers

1. EC train mole to become this (11)

2. With a Worcs. river, I'm in very good company (9)

3. Twist a grass-like plant (8)

4. The loons county side are not athletic (11)

5. No one in Rome was its captain (8)

6. Young lass with two cardinal points (6)



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1 (HMS) Trincomalee anag EC train mole 

3. Windrush

4, Forfarshire.

2. Temeraire. Teme ra(i)re.

5. Nautilus

6 Maiden.

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The Answers Are All Famous Ships 30.06.2024

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