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pammie02 | 07:31 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
29 Answers

They boils tiny fun eggs, 6,6,2,6

Many thanks in advance 



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e.g.  - finest eulogy by nightsalthough it needs to be a well-known phrase
19:21 Thu 23rd May 2024

Surely we're just looking for a phrase you can make from all 20 of those letters in the pattern 6 6 2 6. 

Pammie- does the quiz specifically say Q1 is an anagram?

e.g.  - finest eulogy by nights

although it needs to be a well-known phrase

Can you tell us a few answers from the others so we cn see if there's a common thread such as Easter as the answer to 1 would probably fit with that

Maybe one to return to tomorrow if pammie comes back to us

pammie will you let us know the answer x

Question Author

Yes the correct answer to this anagram is 

Glenys bufton is eighty

She is part of the team that does the local quizzes for animal rescues, I didn't get it my sister in law did but thank you all for your help 

thankyou .had to be a local for that answer x

Happy Birthday Glenys bufton

Thanks for letting us know Pammie

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