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Dingbat Help Please

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Charles659 | 15:29 Mon 13th May 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just checking on this one.  The clue is the word "talk" spelt backwards, inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. 

I assume the answer is "don't talk back".  

anyone have any other ideas?  Will post answer tomorrow. 



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Has to be 'don't talk back'

Question Author

Yeah. That's what I thought EllieMay.  Thanks for responding. Will post answer tomorrow 👍

Thank you Charles 

Question Author

Could also be "no back talk" or "no back chat". 


Question Author

Thanks Mallyh.  So, with the word in a circle with a line through it (🚫) that would be either "no backchat" or "no backtalk"  Hmmmnm???

no backchat sounds good x

Question Author

Will post answer tomorrow Thanks both 👍

do you put the answer on line somewhere and get a prize ?

It's got to be that, surely.

Charles the more i look at it i think your first suggestion is right x

Question Author

It was "don't talk back".  Thanks both 👍

Thanks for posting, Charles

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