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European Tourist Attractions - 30 June

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bluebell56 | 19:38 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am really not good at Tourist Attractions so a bit of help for my last four would be appreciated please. Sorry no number of letters. No.9 Most photographed castle in the world. No.14 Pickled?. No.15 Dame Sarah's Seat. No.19 Sliver.  Thank you



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14 the gherkin

19   The Shard

9 Eilean Donan?

at a guess Windsor Castle, but it might be Neuschwanstein or Carcassonne; is anyone actually counting photos?

15. Dame Sarah Mullally is the Bishop of LONDON.

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Thank you. I wouldn't have got any of those. I am so grateful.

Any ideas for

2. sheet gone north

4. ayasofya Medan no2

18.Capella magna


2 Stonehenge

18.  Cistine Chapel

4.  Hurrem Sultan Hamami?

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European Tourist Attractions - 30 June

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