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Food Glorious Food. Closes May

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MontyMiniman | 22:05 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
11 Answers

No53 pitt, damp, bag, chap ect.

No56 bundle of sticks for the fire combined with letters before the queue.

No57 zevk or gursel.   Thank you.



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A fagot is a bundle of sticks. Should it be q or queue?

56 faggot and peas?

57 Turkish delight

// a faggot consists of minced pork liver and heart, wrapped in bacon, with onion and breadcrumbs. Often, the faggot is cooked in a crock with gravy and served with peas and mashed potato.//

...zevk means delight in Turkish

53. breads?

pitt(a)  damp(er)  bag(el)  chap(ati )??

No. 56 Barbequed Faggots?



Elliemay, breads is a good spot. So maybe since they are all missing the end, the answer is either cut bread or sliced bread.

.... or shortbread ? ? ?

'shortbreads' sounds good!

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Many thanks to you all for answering. Monty.

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Food Glorious Food. Closes May

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