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Yorkshire Air Ambulance Can Hold Things In Place ,(Closes 11/04)04

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galasalmon | 16:21 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please .

13/ With toothed edges interlocked to side (6) 

19/ Square container rasp ( 3,4) 

24/ Free it from bacteria minus fibs take everything off ( (5 5) 

29/ Buying goods handled container ( 8.3) 

36/ A special delivery spring loaded device ( 7,4) 

Thank you. 



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19 box file ?

29 shopping bag?

24 steri strip


Q36 should read A special anniversary spring loaded device.

Jubilee clip ?

Is Q13 worded correctly?

No last word of no 13 should read slide.

13 zipper ?

13 then zipper

Fo future reference please take the time to check the wording of your questions before posting. 

Can anyone please help with - 

No.10 Pulpy Mixture (5)  and No.41 Flat sided square shaped carton (3)  (thinking box is too obvious!)  Thank you


10. Paste, maybe.

Question Author

Thanks .Eyesight is not good will check what I have asked but sometimes it shoots away before I check it . 

Thank you Romanski. Wasn't thinking on those lines so yes Paste sounds good. 

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance Can Hold Things In Place ,(Closes 11/04)04

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