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Refreshment Quiz C/D 31St March 2024

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Bobbysgirl48 | 10:40 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Section 3.  Which programmes do these cryptic clues help identify?

23 The wrong way of school. 25 The Bus stumbles. 27 What you may say to a classic painting. No number of letters given.



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Must the answers relate to refreshments?  

Question Author

Sorry, Television programmes.

Sorry, I didn't read your post properly.

25.  Rebus?

23.  Bad Education

25 Coach Trip

Question Author

Thank you barry1010 and jj109.

27 Fake or fortune?

Question Author

Thank you mallyh.

I was hoping there might have been a TV programme called "Hello Mona Lisa" or "Hey Wayne" but I can't find anything to suit!!

Question Author

Thank you jj109, very amusing.

27 you've been framed

but why a "classic" painting which refers to ancient  Greece or Rome?

Bit convoluted but could it be that classic paintingd typically have ornate frames and modern paintings often are not framed.

I can see how both answers could be right

Question Author

Thank you Bows48, TheWinner and barry1010. Decision time!!!

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Refreshment Quiz C/D 31St March 2024

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