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Tamla | 15:53 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
14 Answers

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Rhyming answers.

Q5. Yet to be married?  Wrong (5)

Word that can precede ball or roll (5).

Q15  If 7 flies east & 18 flies north, what does 31 do? (8.3.5.).  The last word has to rhyme with kitchen.   I am really stuck so all help will be really appreciated.   Thank you



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What does 5 rhyme with?

Cashier, I think there are 2 answers in no.5 which rhyme with each other 

Unwed and bread?

No 5 amiss &swiss?

Sounds good poodledoo

I agree.

struggling to find anything which rhymes with kitchen and also has 5 letters

Closing date 13th April.

15b)(edible mushroom is 7,2,3,5,) so last word can't be kitchen'

chicken of the woods, so last word would then rhyme with 'woods'

15b Delivers the goods ......they are Biggles books 7 Biggles flies East etc

Well done mallyh, glad that is solved!

Question Author

Thanks to you all.  I think that I confused you all as much as myself . Obviously I had the wrong answer with the word kitchen , but now all is clear thanks to your help, which is much appreciated.

You're very welcome Tamla, it's lovely when someone comes back to say thanks 

Q5 amiss and swiss

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Lizzie's Quizzes (52)

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