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Countrylover | 19:16 Mon 01st Jan 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can somebody please tell me what value bonus letters have and how the bonus system works cos I can't find out anywhere!





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Thanks Barry.  I guessed you would answer. I have seen that but forgotten where.  I wondered if I had read it properly and I was missing any tricks!  I guess I get to impatient with Blossom to work things out cleverly!

The bonus letters appear in alpha order by the way.

Question Author

Thanks Corby.  Good tip!


I never score highly, Cl.  No matter, it makes us think for a while so it's all good 

If it includes "ness" it accepts "nesses" as the plural which I would never use.

As, "less" was possible, "lessness" and "lessnesses" was also possible so I was making random attempts and "senselessnesses" scored highly when "s" was the bonus letter.

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