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Dore And Totley C/D 31/12

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billy d | 08:56 Sat 16th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am aware this is a no help quiz so clue only please. Answers connected to LIGHT.

Q58 The walkie talkie toy ( 6,6,3,7,3)

Many thanks




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Think of Duracell for one of the words

Also the first two words are the same

emeritus - terrific clue. Could you buy that toy or was it only on TV?

Look up Gerry Anderson

Question Author

Thank you all very much. At last a train of thought!

I'm also stuck on one so would appreciate a clue.

No.46 Unlikely place to read about astrology here (3,9) 

Thank you.

A well known tabloid (3) + what that taboid is a kind of (9)

billy d or bluebell56 - given that it clearly states on the quiz sheet to not ask for any help (which obviously includes clues) on internet sites why do you think it's OK to ignore that and ask anyway?

I've been thinking about the walkie talkie toy all day and can't get past Torchy the Battery Boy, which is obviously wrong.

Will someone put me out of my misery otherwise I won't sleep tonight

barry, I think you're almost right:

  "Torchy, Torchy the battery boy
    I'm a walkie-talkie toy!"

Of course!  Thank you 😀

Thank you Captain2 good clue. I assumed the first part but not the 2nd. 

Any clue for A Strauss's dance tune 7,3,9,5

When it's raining cats and gods, it is th........& lightn... + type of dance Strauss is famous for.

^Donner und blitzen!

Ooops, it's not a waltz it's something with spots on!

Now why didn't I think of that Calibax! Would have saved a lot of typing. :))


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Dore And Totley C/D 31/12

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