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Save The Children Winter Quiz C/D 10/01

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Ninnynanny | 15:27 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers

Change a Letter section 2.  eg,  Hole / Enclosure  +  Cave / Cage.

Musical instrument / Orb  4 letters

Principal / Blend    4 letters

Thank you for any help



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Bell Ball 
15:30 Mon 04th Dec 2023

Bell Ball


bell ball

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Question Author

Many thanks JJ and bhg.

Apologies for jumping onto your thread but I'm stuck on one in this section, No.10 Eccentric / Poet (4). Nobody seems to have asked so I think I'm missing seeing the obvious answer! Thanks

Avid/Ovid ? ? ? ? ?

Thanks Canary42, good suggestion. I just hadn't thought of the name of a poet, I was thinking of another name for a poet. Cheers

Yes I trying BARD or something to do with odd and ode


Y4, I concede defeat to Card/Bard, well thought outCalibax



Thanks Calibax, a great answer! Every day's a school day here on the Answerbank - because when you're stuck you need to ask for help. Good luck to everyone doing the quiz!

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Save The Children Winter Quiz C/D 10/01

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