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It's Sweet

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postman44 | 17:19 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
9 Answers

3.a cold place to rotate to(2)

6. I hear an animal makes a dessert. 

10. I think this nut has a sweet coat(2) or green ones get pressed. 

17.theyre little red and white striped sticks(2)

Thanks for any help 



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6 Mousse 

17 Candy canes?

3 Arctic Roll

10 Sugar Almond

12.?? Olives

postman44 - it clearly states on the quiz sheet to not ask for help with this quiz on sites like this.  The quiz setter introduced the rule mainly as a result of you asking over 50 questions from her two previous quizzes.

12.  Wine gums??? (grapes)

It says on the sheet,  DO NOT POST questions of this quiz on to Answerbank and other sites!  Please obey.

Any more you are stuck on?

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It's Sweet

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