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Seasonal Quiz

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hops | 16:55 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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when i received this particular quiz i did not know that  it was a 'no asking' one because i have never done it  before and i won't be doing it again,as far as i am concerned it is the compilers job to complete the quiz and then their job is finished, to sit back and wait for the donations to come in, it is the quizzers job to try and answer all the questions but if they need to seek help they should be allowed to and not  to be told that they can't , there has already been a ruling on this by answerbank and you are allowed to answer if you wish to but if you take the opposite view i understand, any derogatory remarks will be ignored by me, there are 3 questions that have puzzled me for 3 weeks and they are

[1] Canvass nurse             [6 letters]

[2]  Two individually         [5 letters]

[3]  E.g. gin or tequila      [6 letters]

all the answers are connected to any particular season

any help would be appreciated but please don't answer if you do not wish to



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1 Pollen (poll + Enrolled Nurse)

2 Pears (pair(s))?

3 sunset

Question Author

thank-you calibax and mallyh good as ever, and to you newmodelarmy would you say pears was seasonal though?


^ a partridge in a pear tree?

Question Author

thank-you elliemay,still not sure about it though, there is another one [ slowfindgrey] 5 and7 letters [anagram] i have put windy golfers but not sure about that one either

dying flowers ???

sorry, doesn't fit the count 

Question Author

i think it does the winner

doh, only just come in, and read it 7 and 5. 

2 beach .....b = 2nd letter x

Question Author

thank - you mallyh and to everyone else who answered

Mr Hop  I think you will find that I do not advertise my quiz on here for the very reason that I do not want my quiz spoilt by people like you.  It goes out to those people on my database and those who just send a SAE to me with their previous entry, many of whom don't even have a computer.

It might be my job to compile the quiz, job finished, sit back and wait for the donations, BUT it takes hours and hours to complile the quiz, a long time to email out the previous answers and the new quiz, all returns need to be marked, cheques and cash paid into the PO and the charity then given the money.  I am glad you are not going to do the quiz again and hopefully you won't be submitting this current one because that means I don't have to disqualify you for not following my simple rules. 

Question Author

firstly that is not my name and secondly i wondered if you had considered how many more donations you might receive if people were allowed to ask, a friend of mine runs a quiz and his clientele has nearly doubled since its original outing simply by public interest on the internet on sites like this and others because it gets advertised  and more people then get involved, this site is a wonderful way of exploiting that, i have enjoyed trying your quiz but i will not be sending it in, i never rarely do these days i just like the satisfaction of completing them in the best way i can, unfortuneatly i seem to always finish up two or three short and sometimes when i get help it then helps me the next time a similar question arises for example when you insert numbers into some of your questions i did not know at first that this nearly always means a particular letter of the alphabet, i learnt that by asking, in my youth and onwards i entered hundreds of quizzes, never won one but enjoyed them all




//I think you will find that I do not advertise my quiz on here for the very reason that I do not want my quiz spoilt by people like you. //

Stay off Answerbank then, as its a question and answer site.  You have advertised quizzes on here in the past, and asked for help too. 


The brilliant Rainbow quizzes raised a fortune for charities, people were always asking for and getting clues/answers on here, yet the quiz didn't suffer in any way

it's the way hops was spoken to, and trying to "out" his real name. Looking for perfection in everyone, except themselves.

Please only refer to members by their usernames. 

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