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Why Are Users Of This Site............

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Ninnynanny | 18:39 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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.....denying charities of much needed money, by not including details of how to apply to the setters of charity quizzes, so that they can receive the quiz sheets and then donate money.

That is a guideline of this website.  I dont see the point of ABs keeping the details a secret.




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because some quizzes state they don't want you to ask for help.

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I am not talking about asking for help, I am thinking about applying to receive charity's quiz sheets and then donating money with the answers to boost the funds of the charity.

But so many site users do not give the name of the charit quiz or reply when people ask for the contact details

Why do some users of this site take it upon themselves to police how other users should post ?

I don't see the point of such autocracy.

Do you mean like you are now, canary43?

I have attached a link of all the November quizzes above 

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Why Are Users Of This Site............

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