States Of Usa Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/D Feb 28Th

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slimseeker | 20:19 Wed 19th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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help needed please answer is a USA state no number of letters given
no 28 ? ? mountain sunshine


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the sunshine state is Florida ??? not known normally as mountain sunshine tho'
and sunshine mountain is in Colarado, so... ???
Question Author
i was thinking west virginia ??? or new mexico just because it had 2 question marks but still very unsure ..thank you for your help the winner
Is the ?? part of the clue or is the clue just 'mountain sunshine'
sorry thewinner.... got distracted and didnt submit straight away
or it could be some sort of word play, like O-Hio. perhaps others will offer a suggestion.
Question Author
? ? is part of the question bobbinwales ...
I think Colorado, see here, but see what other's think first.
My googling has got me no further than The Winners suggestions :)
I would go with Colorado as the best fit to the clue taking into account the two ??'s
is it just states ......monteray?
sorry monterey
Mountain Sunshine Inc is a company based in North Carolina. The ?? could indicate a two word answer.
IMy first thought was Mont Ray Monterey but its no state.
Colorado looks possible. I wondered about Oklahoma... is there a Oklahoma Sunshine song but I cant think of a Mountain song
I don't know, but between us, we'll get there. There are some very clever people on here, and all offers should be considered.
Yea its the double questionmark thats throwing me here
novalis, North Carolina is definitely up there as an answer.
could it be california as monteray is there ?
I can't unfortunately give an answer but my take on this is that the 2x"?" indicate the name of the state and that it is 2 words
2 word states are
New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey New Mexico, Rhode Island, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Dakota, South Carolina and West Virginia. I cannot see the answer here though, so I may be completely off track!
I'm baffled!
Question Author
Thank you Thewinner, Bobbinwales, Chelle7272, Mallyh, Novalis and jj109 for your suggestions ... It is very puzzling with the two ??

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States Of Usa Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/D Feb 28Th

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