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Ticknall19 | 12:48 Wed 22nd Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi there, it'sme again. This quiz relates to all answers have a connection to Music. The Clues are straightforward, and cryptic, do not give the numbers of letters for the answers, but do the give the first letters of each word of the answer.
I thought the second page looked harder (for me), and it is. Have managed to find most of the answers but need help with the following, please. T.I.A.

a) D.u.T. Canvassing potential customers
b) T.i.m.a.G.T.P.o.a.o.F Ability is not always lost with age
c) O.t.F. Overgenerous sailors meal
d) S.f.t.s.S Publicly in agreement
e) B.B. Instrument tapped but not played
f) B. Musical instrument for not playing tunes
g) B.O. No talent required to play this instrument
h) M.i.F. The title of this piece is what you get
i) L.i.G. And this one
j) L.A. Irish song with equally well known second title
k) D.I.D. Radio Programme since WWII
l) E.V. A puzzling music variety
m) E.T.O. Story of an invasion in music
n) T.S. TV series NOT about a girls' choir

I know I am pushing my luck with 14 requests, but if I do win I will give the Prize money to Charity, so any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks once again ticknall19



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k Desert Island Discs
l Enigma Variations
j Londonderry Air (aka adaption Danny Boy)
F bagpipes?
g.Barrel organ.
b There is many a great tune played on an old fiddle
d Singing from the same songsheet
a) drum up trade
h I am wondering if this is "Minuet in F" - Handel and Mozart both had "Minuet in F major". It is a possibilty but I would still look for something else!
e. ??? Barometer?
m) 1812 Overture if written in words
n. the sopranos
N The Sopranos
i largo in g?

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