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Matakari | 09:42 Sun 05th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning, can anyone say if the 2 abbreviations for gold are applicable for the medal count? The abbreviation for the silver does not seem to fit according to the preamble. Quite a smooth gridfill otherwise. Many thanks!


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Dosn't this cover it from your link

December 4, 2021 at 9:46 pm
Let’s put it this way: I know two abbrevations for one of the metals and one for each of the others."

Assume youve AU and Or for gold. What did you decide for Bronze, we discussed it could be CuSn but I doubt thats in.
What makes you think Ag doesnt fit according to preamable?
December 4, 2021 at 1:34 pm
The preamble isn’t meant to be complicated. All you have to do is count the instances of the metals appearing normally in the solutions. You don’t have to look for them backwards or diagonally or with blank squares in between nina-style. If a solution were BAGGAGE, it has two instances of AG and therefore notches up 4 points. In the words of the meeerkat, “Simples!”"

Have printed grid and may try later
this might help for Bronze.
Can also just be B?
Question Author
Sorry about that, Bobbinwales, I inadvertently put silver instead of bronze. The two abbreviations for gold and the one for silver fit perfectly. But it's the bronze (CU/SN) that does not seem to mesh with the preamble. Thanks for looking at it again!
Yes, its not CuSn in this one. See my list for idea's.
Not tried to fill the grid yet but I'd look for either AE or BZ
It's obviously meant to be Br. for bronze.
The whole thing does feel a bit arbitrary though.
Question Author
Many thanks, bobbinwales and Ichkeria ! If Br is meant to be the abbreviation for bronze, then it all fits the preamble quite neatly, indeed.
Spent 30 mins on this, quite enjoyable, plenty of anagrams, have 80% of answers. Got a few Ag, Au, and OR ...and from memory one Br so far...
Still got a handful left but I realised my memory failed me above- I actualy got lots of BR's.
Question Author
Good morning, Bobbinwales, I knew you would enjoy this one immensely. You beat me to it, though, I clocked about 45 minutes doing it, rechecking each answer very carefully. It reminded me a lot of Doc as far as the anagrams are concerned. And, yes, there are quite a few bronze medals. Did you manage to get anything on GazeTV?
Still have 3 left to look at tonight. I can't see the street food one and the's on I think ends in tories
Question Author
Hello, Bobbinwales, for the street food one, if you have 18(D), 14(D), 23(D) and 17(D), then the answer should be quite straightforward. And for the one ending in “tories”, the missing letters are in “moral”. Happy solving!
Cheers Matakari, quite a pleasant one so far for me as am a novice really, I only ever done sport crosswords before I joined the answerbankers.
Just going home and will have look if I can find my grid. From memory I assume its oratories?? I'm sure I'll kick myself for the street food one when I look again but from memory I wasnt sure what the first letter was as there were two possible plural version's for the down clue - was it auroras /aurorae, unless I've misremembered or gone wrong
Question Author
Yes, bobbinwales, it's oratories, but auroras seems to be a red-herring. Austral appears to be good. From here on, the others should fall into place.
Question Author
Bobbinwales, looking over my copy, I think I may have gone astray with 22(D). So, "Auroral" would seem to be the right one.
Yes Auroral it is, so that give's you another OR on top of the AU you allready had for your incorrect Austral.
I finished now. The street food one was fine once I realised the 'decline accepting a credit cut' was SCRAG not SCRAP or Scrub.
Cheers Matakari.
Will count up the metals and may send off!
Question Author
Great, bobbinwales! Good luck!

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Medal Table By Alchemi

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