Romanian Aid Foundation Au Tu Mn Quiz C/D 4/12/21

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DIANE.D | 12:59 Sun 07th Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can someone help with this one - the answer contains AU TU or MN -

25. Begin in street with it, a small truck (9) the answer begins with I

Also, the title of an Abba song

37. Maybe Adam and Eve (no letter count)

Thank you


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25 institute - in st it Ute
25.In st it ute
37 one man, one woman
Question Author
Yes I see it now! Thank you
37. If it's an Abba song, they did one called: one man one woman.
But that doesn't contain the required letters in the OP.
Already given above ^^^
Danny, 37 is in a different section of the quiz.
Ah!, thanks Lynne.:-)
I thought that 25 was supposed to be the Abba number!

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Romanian Aid Foundation Au Tu Mn Quiz C/D 4/12/21

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