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MontyMiniman | 20:51 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
47 Answers
Answers are shops past and present

No8 artistic cover up (9)

No13 that's an order,mister (5)

No15 a proper old boat (7)

No16 the sweet Lord is on the carpet (7) thank you


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15 Fast fashion on the high street.

16 Find the name of a sweet sounding Lord for the ending.
15 think of Noah's transport
13. Mango ?
16 begins with a 3 letter word for a small piece of carpet material
Question Author
Many thanks mamyalynne elliemay for clues and the winner for

The answer cheers
My answer to no. 8. is an orange-coloured supermarket. Starts with "S" and end with a "y".
Question Author
Hi winner, thanks for your help but I cannot find a shop with
Nine letters beginning with "s" and ending "y"
'Tis Sainsbury's though, I believe.
it's a big major supermarket, a bit posh, and the last four letters are what a dog does with a bone. He digs a hole to ???? it!
trying to give clues!
and failing miserably. Next time I'll just give the answer.
Question Author
Hi again winner, I thought of sainsbury but As captain has put
Sainsbury's has ten letters not nine that you for your help
Perhaps the setter has made a mistake with the number of letters
if you look it up it's actually called J. Sainsbury plc, but trades as Sainsbury's. Sainsbury fits the clue.
Just proved how dumb I am. I cant see how to get Sains from artistic
Me either, I was hoping someone would explain so I didn't have to ask
Exactly, bobb. :))
Maybe the Winner is working along the lines of the Sainsbury family being heavily involved in the Arts.
Thanks Mamya

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Shops Quiz Closes Jan

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