Holiday Time

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wizgran | 15:20 Sun 10th Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. London museum takes confused action! (8)
2. Doc testing vino : allows holidays in 2021 (2.5.7)
3. Costume store? (8)
4. A major fall? (3.6). ( Big dipper maybe )


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1 vacation
1. vacation
Question Author
Very good, thank you
3 Boutique
wizgran reminder of the site's guidelines give the name of the quiz and the closing date when posting questions.
Farleigh Hospice Quiz - Happy Holidays
"Items, people and places that make a holiday memorable"
Closing date: 31 Dec 2021

Good luck with the quiz
Good luck with the quiz
3. Tussauds ?
2) On Covid testing ? (anag. doc testing vino)
Well 2 is an anagram of

No covid testing

which fits the bill, but can't really see it, as 'testing is in the clue and answer?
2 looks like an anagram but can't get it
Almost a 'snap' Fib. :))
If correct, it's not a great clue!
2 no covid testing?
2 ...or, no covid setting?
Question Author
Sorry my mistake Fibonacci

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Holiday Time

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