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seekeerz | 00:32 Sat 19th Jun 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

12a Auther who adapted Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur into The Once and Future King etc (5)

14a. Kitchen-garden pod vegetables seasonal in the summer etc. (4)

35a. Water - :painted by John Constable and described by Thomas Hardy etc (6)

40d Vertebrate of stew ponds, oceans, reefs, chalk streams or aquariums. (4)


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White Peas Meadow ? Fish
00:35 Sat 19th Jun 2021
Meadow ?
Thanks Steff and good evening all.

12a. White

14a. Peas

35a. Meadow

40d. Fish
Question Author
Yea Chris !! Well done !! No scary photos please :))
Morning twix - all good ?
Scary photos? Me? I only post nice ones ;-)
Question Author
Oh yeah ??

Well done, Chris.

Hiya Steff.
Well done Chris. Quick off the mark tonight, even beating Mamya !

Hi Steff, I'm well thanks, but p**d off as it was too wet to play golf today. Mrs. T. is not too well at the moment, having innumerable tests and scans. Plus currently sleep is a little difficult as an underground power cable failed across the road on Monday night, so the power company brought in a diesel generator to feed the sub-station 2 houses away, giving electricity to the 2 roads on this particular circuit.
Question Author
Hi Tony :))

Funny you should mention that, Chris - guess who we met, stomping out of our carport around 7.00pm last Wednesday night - the expression on his face was ' turn out the bloody lights you fool' - i felt very small !! Lovely to see one around here again, it's been a while
When I can dig out a photo of me holding a koala, I'll remember to post it on one of your threads, Steff. (She was beautiful but surprisingly heavy!).
Question Author
Oh dear, not conducive to restful nights, that's for sure, twix - hope it's fixed quickly !! Sorry about your golf, but we've had some wonderful downpours in the past few days ....yippee !!
Love Koala bears, I'd like to hold one however I have heard that they like to pee on you if you do.
Question Author
This chap was charming - not fully grown but in perfect nick, quite pugnacious by the stride, they are solid little guys, for sure, but I have to say ...wombats are my all time favourites for character, spunk and all round pig-headedness ....
I don't know about getting peed on but I do know that they treat a human like a tree. i.e. they dig their claws in deeply to hang on, leaving one's chest bleeding from puncture wounds after holding them ;-)
[It's worth it though; it's a lovely experience!].
Well done Chris x
Thanks, Mamya!

I've got to beat you at least once a year ;-)
That's the rule yes.
wombats do square poos
I can't believe that I've just googled 'wombat poo', Johnny!

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Fao - The K M Players

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