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This site puzzles me

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don1 | 19:46 Wed 07th Dec 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why is it that this site has so many people who dont know how to Google to get answers?

Frequently when someone asks a question that I dont know the answer to, I just Google their question and their is the answer, so why didn't they do that?

Or is it that there are members of AB that cant be bothered looking for themselves and fill in their daily crosswords by asking anyone who will listen to do the work for them?

Not really in the spirit of the quiz game is it?


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I've been googling all night!!!!!! and looking on many other search engines!

Christmas quiz, letters of first line from well known christmas carol.


Any idea? Please


I am afraid it is very much that some people cannot be bothered looking for answers themselves, don1. Why search for yourself when someone will always give you the answer seems to be the way of it. Makes me annoyed to tell you the truth.
And then some people hijack your thread to ask questions!!

Sorry if I offended anyone. I thought quiz's were all about having a bit of fun.

Question Author
You didn't offend equifox.

When The Snowman Brings The Snow
where prize crosswords or competitions are involved I never post the answer, it could cut down my chances of winning!

I answer even in prize competitions - why don't we google? well I do but sometimes we don't understand the question or don't google the right phrase!

Sometimes we get too many answers and can't see the "proper" one.

I once got a grumpy response which I did not understand, I asked for a bit more help and was told to use a dictionary. I already had and still did not understand the help I was being given. Another poster waded in in my defence, gave the correct answer (and I understood that!) War broke out between the two! I was merely an innocent bystander.

Another time I had googled but the wording in the clue had a forties meaning that was over my head so I had not quite made the connection.

We all have reasons for asking and for telling. If you feel grumpy just don'tanswer.

Why is this site here then if its not for questions and answers, and if everyone googled this site would be obsolete, and as its been mentioned can't get all the answers from google, and I always took this site to be a sort of crossword, puzzle 'club' with a few like minded people willing to help each other and its been of interest to see what crosswords people do and try new ones, the people who don't want to be part of the answer and questions need not visit site as obvious not for them, perhaps there ought to be a limit to how many answers for one crossword and some answers could be found with looking up clue word in a dictionary, but if get stuck then good to know help would be there and to help others to win good luck puzzlers
and lets remember if you dont want to answer you dont have to and if you dont want to know the answer dont look. I love the site but do like to struggle first but if you dont want to then why should you
so what are you doing looking on this site biley and don1? looking for answers without putting your name to the questions perhaps? Most of us Google-up some answers for general knowledge crosswords or quizzes, but sometimes the cryptic clues leave us wanting to ask for someone's help - and we don't all have someone sitting in the armchair opposite. If you criticise you attract criticism. Live and let live.
Having a bad day don1 and biley ? or practising for playing Scrooge at Christmas ? This is just a joke in case you don't notice .People love helping other people and I for one am grateful for it .Merry Christmas to you both .


This site is intended for people to ask questions and get answers in an online community setting. Anyone can google an answer, but I think its the comraderie that people who post in this category enjoy.

AB Editor

At last the voice of reason Ed!

Oh what a load of old rubbish some people talk. It is sheer laziness and rudeness not to at least try and look for answers before you come here, especially when there is a prize at stake - do you really think anybody deserves a prize when they cannot be at all bothered to look for the answers themselves? Teachers would not be at all happy if they were to ask pupils to look for answers for homework and then rely on parents and others to GIVE them the answers and this is the same.

I am all for giving one or two answers, which I do on a regular basis but there ARE some who, as don1 says, completely abuse the spirit of the quiz game which is to find answers for oneself and not to have the answers GIVEN - so one may not actually win a prize but at least one has the conscience of having not cheated.

Dustybun - understand this - I DO NOT come on here looking for answers EVER. The crosswords and quizzes etc I do I can do myself - either by working out the answer (which you can do with all cryptic crosswords) or by googling - it may take a bit of time but at least I have the self satisfaction of completing crosswords by myself.

AB Editor - I can see you would not want to lessen your site in any way and have to defend it but if you can honestly say that it is right to profit by laziness and relying on others when you can find some answers so easily without depending on others then I wash my hands completely of this site as being immoral and without a shred of Christian foundation - and without that we are nothing.

Pega - this site would not be obsolete if everybody googled - so much of what is asked on other portions of this site is OPNIONS - there is NO factual answer. On Q and P there IS a factual answer to all questions and on by far the majority of the time this can be found by googling.

Profits gained by cheating are not worth having but it says so much that in these days the majority view is that it is perfectly acceptable. All who need 'comraderie' could so easily find that on chatterbank which was set up for that whole purpose. When this site allows questions from schoolchildren such as 'what is water made of' then there is something very amiss.

I am intelligent and came here to be able to share my knowledge with those who could not find answers having at least had the decency to try and look for answers themselves or those who would not ask multiple questions. But when someone is allowed to take matters into his own hands by answering old questions when it is pointless and aggravating to do so and when I criticise him all I get is a FOOL being allowed to answer old questions by abusing me and the AB ed has not the decency to even come back and confirm that this person has been banned then the time has come to say enough is enough.

Wake up people - when are you going to realise that ill-gotten gains are simply not worth having and will not bring the happiness you want them to. Some of you are old enough to surely know this by now are you not?
Question Author
I would like to explain my initial post as some have obviously misinterpreted what I meant.

Of course asking questions is perfectly O.K. and it is what this site is all about, I have no problem with that, I was referring to members who simply post their crossword questions without making any effort whatsoever to solve them themselves.

You only have to look back on questions asked to find instances where AB members have posted almost the entire quiz/crossword.

The only conclusion any sensible person can draw from this is that the member asking the questions cant be bothered doing any work for themselves.

What do they do, get to the office and say "I did the Telegraph on the tube this morning on my way to work"

It's pathetic. Lets keep the spirit of this great game of quizes fair and proper.

I agree with biley 100%

I can't believe this is still going on.

The majority of us try and answer the puzzles ourselves, otherwise there is no point doing them. Putting a question on AB is only the same as asking a family member or friend what they think.

I only put a question on when I get to the "climbing the wall" stage and I'm sure that goes for most people.

If you suspect someone is outright cheating, then don't answer their question. If you don't like this site, then don't use it. If you can do all your puzzles yourself, why do you use this site at all.

Leave us alone and go suck a humbug!

I feel that a lot of those who ask simple questions, which they have obviously not tried to find answers to by themselves, stems from basic education. One of the first things I was taught when I was at school (all those millions of years ago) was how to use a reference library - yes library, one of those buildings filled with books! I have accumulated a decent amount of general knowledge over the years, but still use my own personal reference library which I have at home.

The point about saying all this is that the principal of looking things up is still the same, whether it be using books or the internet. If you don't know where to start, you're a no hoper when it comes to finding an answer.

I do Quizmail and almost feel it's cheating to look things up on the Internet, as it's too easy. I still prefer to find things from books (old fashioned maybe, but more challenging and satisfying I feel). However, Google is brilliant in its own right, but using it is, I suppose, difficult for those who do not have the ability to research or even use the right key words.

I agree with biley and don1 that I would get no satisfaction out of asking a question just because it's quicker or easier to just ask someone else, but if you're really stuck to the point of frustration, then it is great to be able to put it to others.

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