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Georgiesmum | 23:00 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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When you turn your television off at night, do you turn yours off on the plug on the wall or only bu your remote please?


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By remote.
by remote or you'll miss your series linked recordings
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Thank you sherrardk, thats what I did last night, but this morning my television had gone into "stand by" and I wondered if it was because I hadnt turned it off at the wall.
Television by the plug, sky box by remote.
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Thank you tora tora. I havent got any series linked recordings at the moment because Ive just got a new sky box .x
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Do you know what would have made it go on "stand by?" please?
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I couldnt get any picture at all first thing, then it suddenly seemed to spring into action!
GM, it goes on standby on it's own after 2 hours if there has been no activity. If you are around you will see a warning come up, saying do something or it'll go on stand by. In standby all your series links are honoured. You can change the 2 hours in the settings. I generally put both on standby.
GM when it wakes up it can take a couple of minutes, it has to link up to wifi etc.
Funnily enough, ours was whirring loudly with the orange light and I had to reset it.

It goes into standby mode overnight which is annoying as it means the miniboxes don’t work. I don’t know if there is a workaround?

How does temporarily switching yourbox off though interfere with your recordings providing it’s not off while there’s a recording due?
it doesn't ich but you have to remember to switch it on manually, which kind of defeats the object.
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Thanks everyone x

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