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happy_face | 00:39 Sun 04th Dec 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I need to do a quiz for some college kids for their christmas party. Anyone got any good suggestions?

Bear in mind these kids are about 16-18 and not the brightest bunch. Music, tv and film questions would be best. Maybe a bit of general knowledge which won't be too hard for them.

Many thanks in advance


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if you look here
There are loads of categories and sub categories. 500,000 questions in all and answers.
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Thanks ShaneyStar but unfortunately I don't get any info when opening any of the quizzes
Well that's very works when I click on the link.
Sorry about that..however if you Google something like "Free Quizzes" you can probably download a free quiz which you can print off and use. I am sure somebody will be along soon with a better suggestion.
Failing that when I used to do quizzes for our WI I used to get a load of random facts from something like Pears Encyclopedia or a similar type book.Or they may have a quiz book at your local library which you can borrow and crib from.
I have just accessed the web site given by Shaneystar and it worked fine. Give it another go.
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nope have just tried again from my work pc as I thought it might be my home one. I can access the site but if I scroll down and choose for example 'film quiz' I get a blank screen whenever choosing one of the many film quizzes.

What a sham as it looks to be just the website I need

It's working fine for me too. Have you tried clicking on 'Click here to view the quizzes' just below the list of dates?
happy face...type quizzes into Google and click on the pages from the UK. It's the fifth one down down.If you try it from that angle you may get into the site more easily.

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