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shirley xxx | 01:36 Sun 04th Dec 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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just got back from the local pub quiz;

i won't predujice answers with my answers, but answerbankers opinions please;

the jackpot question -for 25 quid-was;

name 10 body parts with only 3 letters???


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hip, arm, leg, eye, toe, ear, jaw, rib, gum, lip
what about

lip, eye, ear, gum, hip, arm, leg, toe, bum, jaw

Well done bongerman! Did 'tip' count? As in finger tip? Or nob.
ooh, can I just say I didn't mean you were a nob! my last post was phrased quite badly, sorry!
surely just TOE would do... there are 10 of them!!

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body parts

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