Its All To Do With The Economy C/D 31 January

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spudnick | 20:56 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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46 Sounds like the singer is fashionable and fit to go 7 letters

71 She who dreamt of mog 7,3 letters

Any help appreciated


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46 In-voice
For info only the setter requests no asking for help on the internet on this quiz
Theresa May? Not sure why, just fitted the pattern
Question Author
Sorry, but I can't see anything on my sheet that says no asking
Question Author
Thankyou Captain and bobbinwales
First page under the closing date
Question Author
Sorry, just says Christmas quiz 2020. Its all to do with the economy (in blue lettering) Closing date 31 January 2021, then question 1 no space whatsoever between date and question 1
Not sure where you got it from then as there is a page before that and without that you won't know where to send it to as that is the only page with the setters address on it.
Question Author
If I have made a mistake I am sorry, my son printed the questions off and told me to send it back with the Pensychant quiz
OK I see now
No use of Q&A sites is in bold print on the back page. Also although it came with the Penyschant quiz it does not go back to them. I suggest you ask your son for the full wrap around cover.
Question Author
now I know there is a wrap round cover I might just do that
71 is 7, 5 letters so not Theresa May
I’ve sent mine back with the Pensychnant quiz. I think they both have the same setter. I also think that their quiz “Strange Times” is a no asking quiz as well. Certainly this Conwy RSPB one is quite clearly marked as no asking.

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Its All To Do With The Economy C/D 31 January

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