What Can I Wear Chatteris Brownies C/D30 Nov

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smurf | 18:56 Sun 01st Nov 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
20 Answers
7 middle paint layer (9)
10 bob races to the incident(6)
19 famous duke before teal(11)
27 sounds like it could be a toffee(9)
Thanks for any help


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19 famous duke before tea!(11)

Wellington + s
7 waistcoat
10 Braces
27 macintosh
This is a no asking quiz, it is stated on the fund raising quizzes website.
Is it?

When did the Setter start asking that?

I and others have done these for years.

You aren't misreading are you 'No asking policy' simply means there is no record of rules re asking from the setter.
This quiz is amongst a number of others on the fund raising quizzes website where it states that they are all “no asking” quizzes.
I'll go look now, I think you may be misreading and/or misunderstanding the wording they use.

It won't be the first time there has been this confusion.
There have been plenty of other posts looking for answers for this quiz which I doubt would have happened if it was a no asking quiz
Go through the list again.

'No answer policy specified' means just that - no policy specified.

Others say - 'No answers allowed' that is also perfectly clear.

If a setter had a no asking rule they would add it to the sheet, I have the sheet in front of me - nothing there.

I have no problem with people being told (politely) they are breaking rules but only when they are.
Apologies to all but the wording on the four lines that are ticked makes one believe that we shouldn’t ask for answers.Although it does say Mrs Smith does not state any preference.
It has confused others especially those who look over there but don't have the quiz, I doubt a setter would keep the information secret from her quizzers.

Your 'middle' is your waist.
Thanks Manya, I can see it now but i completed the quiz and posted it back a week ago!
Never mind, I do it all the time - another quiz another day :-)
I always enjoy doing the 6th chatteris brownies one, its one of my favourites.
27 Macintosh?
Sorry, missed it up-post!

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What Can I Wear Chatteris Brownies C/D30 Nov

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