Save The Children Quiz Closes 10Th September

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galasalmon | 16:46 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Needing help please with last ones .Words that begin and end with same letter .4/ Point following a groove (6)
Rhyming words .
1/ Sham/ Pasture 5/5
6/ Droplet / Dope 4/4
7/ Acquire/ Ignite 4/4
Words ending in one .
3/ Reflect light (5)
10 Evenness ( 8)
Thank you.


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3 shone, if 'reflected'
7 Earn/Burn
10 monotone
1 feign /plain
6 bead/weed have been suggested
1. Fraud/Sward
6. Spot/ Clot.
How are they words that begin and end with the same letter?
Oh, sorry.
Only the first solution has the same first & last letters - the next 3 are rhyming pairs & the last 2 end in one
They are words that rhyme!
Only the first clue begins and ends with the same letter.
Thanks, sorry, I thought it applied to all x
I don't think that 'Fraud/Sward' rhyme but I suppose it's all in the pronunciation

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Save The Children Quiz Closes 10Th September

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