Fruits And Trees

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enigma50 | 15:40 Thu 14th May 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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John Dalton suggests this to cover Ulster emblem - 9 letters answer is a fruit
Badly complected - 6 a tree and Shooting made 50s singer famous - 5 also a tree


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greengage ??

The Ulster emblem is a red hand - Daltonism is especially red green colour blindness. But this is very very iffy - keep looking for something else!
Badly completed = sallow
Details of the quiz if anyone would like a go.
Last one

(Buddy) Holly
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Thank you. I did have Holly but can't relate it to shooting can you? JJ109 some of the others have been iffy and that's better than my blanks. I like Sallow
If you google buddy holly handgun you will be able to relate
1 Blueberry?
John Dalton might have suggested blue as a better colour for the reason JJ stayed regarding colour blindness.
Is a beret a symbol of Ulster?
I think it is "greengage"

One of the meanings of "gage" is a "glove" or "gauntlet" that is thrown down in a challenge.

John Dalton will see red as "green"
Therefore to cover a "green" hand you need a "green glove"

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Fruits And Trees

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