The K M Links Game - March Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 02:00 Mon 30th Mar 2020 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - a bit grey and cool here today, which is ok with me as I've plenty to do here inside plus a fair bit outside as well time to get bored at all !!

Think I was on the ball when I said there were lots of possibles however you managed to find them all ......

Black Smith
Good Morning
Yellow Flag
Ring Road

And while there were no spectacular scores, five players collected 3 points each of two correct matches - CHRIS H, LADY JO, LYSANDER, TEACHER1 & WEECALF were on the ball here !!

Well that wraps up another month....what is the quote ...."beware the Ides of March" .....not sure about Caesar, but we've got it in spades !!

My delivery man has just been and - bless him - contrary to Company policy, brought all my shopping inside, just so long as I stayed up the other end of the house.

Right, now I'll get on with the scores, back shortly ......


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The LEADER BOARD for March ....

8 points - Sam1960

7 points - twix123

6 points - Chris H & jillywiskas

5 points - cliffyg, elliemay1, Elspeth, haras2, JJ109, Lady Jo, Lysander, murraymints, seekeerz & ~SharonA~

4 points - Arksided, BeverleySA, rockfordill, roslyn251254, tearinghair & teacher1.

3 points - anikomo, baza, Candice Marie, Dannyk13, Dickiedot, ducksie, Fibonacci, jollyroger66, Kawakiri, modeste, Mozz71, Muzz, petland, sadielady, tonyav & weecalf.

2 points - angle57, Buenchico, Bugsy, Butterbun, Chiefpanda, Gill & Jean G, jobjockey, Joolz, MargoTester, mallyh, Magyar, owllady, Rose Maybud, scorpiojo, Shazza H, waterboatman, & wickedtongue.

1 point - aelmpvw, albaqwerty, choux, Doof45, emmie, mamyalynne & patsy33

Congratulations to all the points scorers for this month, not the easiest one we've had, in fact downright difficult at times but most of us battled through the door of the FFC rooms ...though in light of the recent events, perhaps we would have been better off, staying put !!

Look forward to seeing you all next weekend, till then stay safe & well, cheers, Steff

ta Steff hope you and Mr Steff are staying out of the madness xx
Thanks for carrying on with this, skz, particularly as you must have lots of other things on your mind now. Take care.
forgive me if i am speaking out of turn
but i thought Mr Steff had passed away...
indeed take care Steff..
Question Author
Not out of turn, emmie - Mr Steff did indeed lose his battle two weeks ago, but with all the rest going on, it's easy to miss bits of info.

We were very lucky to have one of the last funerals before it was pared right back to 2-3 people, which must be very sad for anyone involved.

very sad indeed.
oh Steff.. I am so sorry I missed this very sad I , like many others here, feel that we had travelled through his illness and your never ending worry , love and care.... so so upset at this news..BIG hugs to you xx
Oh Steff. I didn't know your sad news. I'm so sorry.
Question Author
Thanks guys - in the end he went very quickly and peacefully, we were with him and I think he was aware of it, but the last few weeks had been a struggle and he was failing fast.
he knew he was loved... and your care of him was exemplary... remember all the happy days ...much love to you xx
Question Author
Thanks minty xx
I am very sorry to hear your news Steff.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. xx
I'm sorry to hear this too Steff, the sad news had bypassed me too. Take care
Sorry to hear this, I missed this news too. My condolences Steff and many hugs for you and family.xx
Question Author
Thank you all, for your kind thoughts, they have meant a great deal to me over the past weeks and months and I'm very grateful for all the support I've received

Love to you all xxx
I to missed your news, deepest condolences
Wow .... Two wins in a row !!
Probably means I'll spend April in the FFC

Thanks Steff for all your hard work xx

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The K M Links Game - March Week 4 And Final Results

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