Feline Hotel For Friends And Neighbours

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Smut | 11:18 Tue 12th Nov 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Feline hotel for friends and neighbours


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is there a theme ?
Question Author
Nothing, I'm thinking along the lines of 'cattery', but can't see why!

i could only think of Cattery too
Chattery sounds a bit like coterie?
Sorry, cattery - apologies for autocorrect
Neither word seems to fit the puzzle though
Question Author
I've cracked it KITH (Feline = Kit) (H for Hotel).
Friends and relatives = Kith
Thank you all for your support.
kith = friends etc but cant see anything
Nice one, smut.
Could only think catkin, but not very helpful either.
I've just looked them up... and kith and kin seem to mean the same thing. Neither include friends...
Pixie, from Chambers Scots Dictionary... Kith, a person's acquaintances, neighbours and relations. Kin - kinsman, relation.
Yes, thanks, Danny x I knew what kin meant, but I thought "kith" included friends x
Thanks, nac... it was Google that made me doubt it! X
Kith - first four line clue down on left - 11,18,16,9

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Feline Hotel For Friends And Neighbours

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