Plants, Trees And Things In The Shed

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apsleybabe | 20:11 Wed 13th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Local church quiz I'm afraid, no details of where to get any more and given to me by a friend in penrith

Done most but need a bit of a push on these!
7. Two middles (8)
!0. Molly's transport (11)
13. Is this one? (6)
25. A noisy frog in America (6)
34. Source of reconciliation (5,6)
37. Does this frighten you? (6, 5)
38 In Gandhi's golfers (6, 7, 3 anag)
40. A place of discgrace (6)
41. Overheated electrics (11) ... redhotpokers? but not usually all one word?


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10 Wheelbarrow
10 Wheelbarrow. (Molly Malone)
40 Kennel
25 crocus.
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oh of course, thank you tilly2 & cahier .... crazy week at school and brian fried .... used to sing cockles & mussels as child in choir ... how could I have forgotten!
41 Sparkplugs?
Sparkplugs is not enough letters. Sorry about that.
38 There is a plant called Angels Fishing Rod
34 olive branch
37 Spirit Level ?
13 riddle?

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Plants, Trees And Things In The Shed

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