Fictional Detectives C/d 31St March

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smurf | 21:20 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
12 Answers
9 sounds like pillar makes you jump (7)
25 a little wise (5)
28 simple politician & one dozen inside rip (5 7)
Thanks for any help


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25 Lewis in clue
9 Columbo
28 simon templar
25) Lewis (Its in the clue)
Can you help me please with
11)Plural and tiny (3.7.)
Many thanks for any help.x
Avatar Image petland
The Sweeney - S for plural plus ween(e)y
18:53 Tue 12th Feb 2019
Thank you very much Davemano.x
Not my work, but taken as the best on offer. ^^^
Sounds good to me. I can post it back tomorrow now.x
Good luck
Thank you. Thinking about it today though, isnt The Sweeney a name of the programme though, rather than the name of the acttual detective?
Sweeney - Sweeney Todd - Flying Squad. Therefore a group of detectives, georgiesmum. So is v prob the correct answer.
ok. thanks Kenx

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Fictional Detectives C/d 31St March

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