Chocolate and sweet cryptic quiz

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Lumihum | 15:36 Fri 11th Nov 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Solve the clues to reveal the name of a chocolate or sweets, Eg "Public Transport" is taxi. Driving me mad!

Broke Charlie's Shoulder, Pantechnicons Circumference, Past the upper stratoshpere...., ....cont....and a portion therefore, King and Emperor, Top Class Road, 2x13 letters, football club kicked new coin, aspic takes on 57, clotted immature chicken,sunburnt skin or old paint,weightlifters new coins,bookies language,on the good ship,apple pear banana & lettuce tomatoes cucumber,granulated rodents,ebony car lifts.


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past stratosphere could be milky way

Wagon Wheel for the pantechnicon

Sugar Mice for the granulatred rodents

Tic Tac (s) for the bookies' language

On the good shop Lollipop

Fruit Salad for the fruit & veg

pantechnicon could be wagon wheel
Synchronography is appropriate site word, I believe, bobobalde.

King and Emperor Penguin

blackjacks on the end!?
2x13 letters must be something to do with ATOMs (A to M covers 13 letters)
aspic + 57 = jelly beans!
clotted etc = cream eggs!!
portion thereof = galaxy
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To crofter: you're brill at this! Just got 2x13 letters : M&Ms!
Question Author
Is the new coin one something mint?
top class road quality street

Good idea! Football + coins = Everton Mints

For Black Jacks (chews) see

strong mints thanks crofter

black jacks is 100% they were very popular when i was younger

what are we left with now to answer

guess sunburnt skin all gold or golden something any thoughts
Might the weighters be EXTRA strong mints
Fancy forgetting the lift!

I reckon there's just "Broke Charlie's Shoulder" and "Sunburnt skin or old paint".

For the second one, I have been working on BLISTERS! Does that ring any bells?

No idea who Charlie is but what about CHOCOLATE BAR?

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Chocolate and sweet cryptic quiz

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