Decimal Value Of Hexadecimal Number 2019

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888 | 16:58 Thu 31st Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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what is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number 2019?


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(2 x 4096) + (0 x 256) + (1 x 16) + 9 = 8217
Captian the URL you provide gives the answer "7E3"
I know - click on 'show how it happened'
Ah yes
^7E3 is the hex value of the decimal 2019
Question Author
Thank you for these. Oh blimey, I'm even more confused! Initially I was going for 7E3, is that still wise?. Now it looks like rock paper scissors!.
You have worded the OP oddly, in my opinion.

take the hexdecimal number of 2019

then you want the decimal value of that hexadecimal number?

Or just the decimal value of 2019?
What, exactly, are you trying to do?
Hex 2019 = Dec 8217
Dec 2019 = Hex 7E3
Question Author
This is the exact wording of the question. So it's 8217 now?
Yes, that is correct.

Think back to ThHTU, using base 10. Hexidecimal uses base 16 so the headings are 16^3, 16^2, 16^1 and U which is 4096, 356, 16, 1 therefore 2019 is 2x 4096 + 1x16 + 9 = 8217
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once again, thanks everyone

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Decimal Value Of Hexadecimal Number 2019

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