Km Links June Week 4 Rresults

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Rose Maybud | 06:39 Mon 25th Jun 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are (thanks, cliffyg)
Cherry Pick
Step Ladder
Side Line
School House

and without Step Ladder, there would have been only 7 matches made! Nobody matched School House.

Here are the scores for this week:
3 points - tearing hair, rockfordill, Rose Maybud
1 point - 23 players


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Well thank you Rose Maybud I was just about to post.
Can't believe it's the last week of June already.
The final leader board is

15 points - Fibonacci, Jollyroger, Rose Maybud
12 Points - Elspeth
10 points - cliffyg, Sharon, rockfordill, doof45
9 points - Eccles
8 points - Butterbun, margo tester,elliemay, Lysander, baza
7 points - x-ray aquagility, sam1960
6 points - wicked tongue,
5 points - teachers1, mamyalynne, jobjocket, murraymints, scorpiojo, modest, twix123
4 points - aelmpvw, owllady, kawakiri
3 - dickydot,tearinghair, Andres, dannyk13, Roslyn251254, patsy33, jean, muzz
2 points - Cupid04. Anikomo. John, Chris Hewitt, Gill
1 point -mrs Eccles, Shazza, Mallyh, lie-in king, candice Marie
Well done to Fibonacci jollyroger and Rose Maybud on their magnificent 15 points. Some good points scored this month. Hopefully my scoring is correct if not please let me know.
My continued good wishes to Steff and her husband
I should have said thanks to Cliffyg for providing the links and the answers. Sorry Cliffyg x
Question Author
Thanks for the leader board, Margo. I hope you don't mind me jumping in to start the thread - was getting quite worried about you - you're up and about far earlier than I am!

Next Saturday being the 30th, the first part of the game therefore is in June, the second part in July - do we count that as June Week 5 or July Week 1?

Continued best wishes to the seekerz household also from me.
Question Author
There are some players not appearing in the leader board - if we're having a June Week 5, then shall we make sure it all comes right in the wash next week? If not, shall we post amendments today?
Morning Rose, its fine,I was busy tallying up the month's totals which was why I was late. I ve always counted June as a 4 week month so I'd be inclined to start next be as July week 1, which is when the result will come out. We may here from Steff as it's the end of the month.
Sorry crossed posts, by all means post my omissions today
Question Author
OK, some of the scores I have aren't quite the same as yours, but we'll agree to differ on those!
The extras I have noticed are:
5 points - JJ109
4 points - johnny5
1 point - albaqwerty, Big Mac, tonyav

Until next week, cheers everybody!
Margo and Rose - thank you.
Hi everyone ....I hadn't registered June had five Saturdays, but I would've carried the game over till next weekend.

Actually that works out well for me, if you marvellous people could hold the fort for another round, then I'm hoping to be back on deck for the 6th.

Mr S has been buoyed by his family's arrival but is still struggling with pain medication, finding the right balance is something of a juggling act.

I continue to be heartened by all your lovely messages of support ....and return to them when I need a lift.

Thanks again to cliffy and the girls for their continued efforts on everyone's behalf xxx
Look after yourself too, Steff x
Thanks to all. Must try harder didn’t even get on June’s scoreboard.
Thanks everyone involved with carrying on with the Links Game. Traditionally Steff has counted the number of rounds in any month as being the number of Saturdays in that month, thus next Saturday would still be counted as being June Week 5.

It's good to see you're still posting Steff, and best wishes to you, Mr. S and the family. It's good to have them around you at the present time.
best wishes
happy to continue with week 5 (june)
the fine weather in essex means i am at a game of cricket virtually every day
Hello Steff it's lovely to hear from you, pleased that your husband enjoyed the visit by his family. I hope that he can get his pain under control. We'll make June a five week month then and it will be a pleasure to see you back in July, wishing you both all the best x
I think I'll leave the end of the month scoring to Rose Maybud as she seems to have a better handle on it than I do! Once again love to you both.

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Km Links June Week 4 Rresults

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