Yorkshire Air Ambulance. C/d 08/02/18 What A Lot Of Noise / Noisemakers

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crumbs6 | 22:03 Tue 09th Jan 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help please.
31.Sulky expression ill
45. You will really need these after all the above (related)


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31 music? (sounds like moue(sulky expression + sick (ill))
45 earplugs
Could you help with 28 conflict male animal
38 very black locomotive
43 ships body scientists workplace one toilet
38 jet engine
43 hullabaloo?
45 Is 'earplugs ' correct? I thought that the items had to make noise
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Thanks Smurf, do ear plugs make a noise?
28. Warble
38.? Jet engine.
43. Hullabaloo

All the best.
I think the last question is a play on words, saying after all the noise from the answers to the questions before it, you will need earplugs
Question Author
Thank you Elliemay and all, much appreciated.
Yes it does say related and there is a picture of earplugs on the quiz sheet
I agree with ear plugs too. I am struggling with:
No 30 Same sound curly or kicking leads to strike forcefully - I'm thinking skittles, clash, quack.
No 29 Informally to die - possible croak or kick the bucket
Any suggestions please?

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance. C/d 08/02/18 What A Lot Of Noise / Noisemakers

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