Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/d 31 October

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Tuvok | 19:08 Mon 16th Oct 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just finishing off these 2 quizes - 2 answers to get for the Dances quiz, and need opinions on some of my answers for the Towns and Cities quiz. No numbers of lteers provided.

8. Lay down your swords for this - I thought of Sword-dance but would it be that when sword is in the question?

12. Is this one for a dog

Towns and Cities
6. carpets are made here - can't decide if that would be Axminster or Kidderminster or somewhere else

11 ? Wheat - Rye or Buck or something else?

18 Card game


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29 swansea
19:15 Mon 16th Oct 2017
18 Newmarket
Question Author
Forgot one in the towns

29 Bird and body of water
8 highland ?
8 Ghillie Callum?

29 swansea
Question Author
Sword dance is one of the many types of highland dancing, which is why I thought of it.

As the setter may not have been aware if that, I might just go with that.
12 bunny hop ?
11 Rhye
Question Author
Memories Buenchico - many a time swords got kicked - not so bab when practising with the wooden ones, but when using the proper swords........

As for Swansea - I was stuck on looking for something-pool!
Question Author
Can you explain how you got bunny hop?
12 St Bernard's Waltz
dogs chase bunnies ?
st Bernard's better ! lol
Question Author
Thats Dance finished.....
6 Both fit, but probably Axminster is the best known.
11 Rye is of the wheat group. Don't know of anywhere called Buck.
^^^^Assume that this is what cashier meant.
6 Wilton?
It was not sure how the H slipped in!
cashier - it doesn't matter.

Tilly, that is also a strong possibility - depends on the setter.

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Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance C/d 31 October

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