Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance Army Tanks 31 October

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Leecon | 22:44 Thu 10th Oct 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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HELP please... ...I am struggling with two questions. Army Tanks

9. Skilled with a rifle (no letter count) I can only think of Sniper or Marksman but can't find a tank with those names?

17. First athlete to win 100 metres in olympic games (no letter count).
This has been asked but I couldn't find a suitable reply. I have found the names of Lane, Burke and Abrahams but again, can't find tanks with these names?

I'd be grateful for any help, hints or suggestions.
Thank you :o(


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There's this if soundalikes count?
9 if fictional tanks are allowed

Question Author
Thanks Mamya, I didn't see that one. Abrahams wasn't actually the first athlete to win, but he first won in 1924. I wonder now if that is what the question was meant to mean? :o)

Similarly, if fictional tanks are allowed.

Won the Gold
Question Author
Thanks Sam... ...I don't know why I couldn't find that one but it looks good to me. I've learnt an awful lot of 'useless' military knowledge while I've been doing this quiz! Thanks for your help :o)
Question Author
WOW Emeritus, thank you, that Sharpshooter is a really mean looking tank. It would be a good answer but so far, all my answers seem to be 'real' tanks. :o)
Question Author
Thanks again Mamya, but as I just mentioned to Emeritus, all my other answers are actual war tanks, so I think I will go with Marksman.

Thanks everyone for all your time and help :o)
can't think what they want for 17 then , though it doesn't state 'Modern Olympics' does it?
Question Author
I'm still stumped on that one Mamya. I've looked at the ancient Greek olympics but of course there wasn't 100 metres then. The first race was 600 feet which is 182 metres !
I've no idea what to put for Q17 now! :o(
Tough call, I'll keep thinking.
Question Author
Thanks, please keep thinking Mamya, and let me know if you come up with anything else. If I do too, I'll let you know! :o)
Question Author
Thanks very much Tuvok. Now I have a choice to make! I wonder which answer the setters have chosen as it says on the sheet "The organisers answers are the only ones accepted"... ... ...if only I were a mind reader!! :o)

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Lincs And Notts Air Ambulance Army Tanks 31 October

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