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subez | 00:06 Tue 26th Sep 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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help please!! finishes in 2 days and still need 8!
E is the only vowel, no A,I,O,U

27 A place to find n e in this (10)
28 A mild tingling from down below (5,5)
29 It's up on top to see the view (9)
31You deserve to do this when reaching the top (7)
36 A longer stay when put away (8,8)
42 Fresh clothing in America (3,6)
53 A healthy exercise (5,4)
63 Well done, nearly finished (5,6)
Thanks in advance for any help.


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36 extended sentence
28 Hell's bells ?
42 New Jersey
53 Every step ?
I knew it was new something!!
31 Everest ?
27 A place to find "an" e in this ?
Very good JJ.

I'd given up.
Question Author
Belated thanks, computer playing up. Only just got these!! I saw somewhere that someone put telemeter for 29? So just need 63. Once again thanks for help
63.Three cheers?
Question Author
Brilliant Danny! Did you hear the cheers that went up then!!!!
63 - Are there 70 in total ?
If yes then "SEVEN NEEDED" - just a guess
Hi jj I've got this quiz too and there are 66 questions button have been repeated so only 64 really thanks
Oops didn't scroll far enough.
Thanks cleo,
If there are 66 theoretically in the quiz then there are "three needed"
JJ, I think three cheers is a better fit for the clue.
Also done this quiz and have for the last few years this one has certainly been a challenge,have posted mine off but no guarantee have the right answers

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