Hammond Property Quiz C/d 14/01/17

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freebi 2 | 09:55 Tue 13th Dec 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can anyone help me with these 2
What is the number to put these 2 answers

Brownie points =
The thin blue line =
Thank you for any help xx Freebi


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Could you explain the question ?
Is there a theme?
All the info for the quiz is here -

In short, the answers are provided & they have to be matched with the clues given.
If you only have those 2 left and your 2 remaining answers don't fit then you must have gone wrong somewhere as you are given all the answers
Thin blue line 31
Question Author
Thank you for replying yes your right mouse the last two do not fit the question so I was hoping if I put these 2 answers somewhere else it would all marry up but I have sat for days trying myself to find the right question !!!!!
Oxburgh2 can you explain how 31 is a thin blue line ??
So sorry if you are not doing this quiz you will not be able to help Thank you anyway xxx Freebi
I think oxburgh meant 30 - depressed is blue and it's been squashed into a thin line
just googled brownie points and came up with ...
army jargon 29 blew his stack .brownie points.
don't know if this is any help
I always do mine in pencil, then when I get to the last few I have to start rearranging some, as I discover what I thought were correct actually aren't.

Hope everyone has grabbed a copy this is a fabulous quiz for a super cause.
Question Author
Thank you all and as mamyalynne said this is a very good quiz my husband hates it because no house work gets done !!! I spend whole days just on this one quiz but thank you all and l will see if these fit xx Freebi xx
Brownie points = Stir up potions in a brew. (anagram of potions in brew)

I seem to have two solutions left and two clues left but I can't get either to match up.

34. Even friends hide this colour
50. It can be taken out of frustration

Silver Bullet

Any know where I'm going wrong?


34 even friends hide this
it can be taken out if frustration....rust?
50 Rust (in clue)
:-) x
Thanks for that. I see where I went wrong and, of course, it all makes sense now!!

Question Author
Thank you everyone it's taken all afternoon and evening but I think I've got it.It was rockenrolls answer so many have 2 answers to 1 question I had TAUPE for stir UP potions in a brew ( TEA ) = TAUPE Thanks again its being sent tomorrow so I can get on with Christmas Oh no I forgot I'm still doing the dreaded picture quiz !!!!

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Hammond Property Quiz C/d 14/01/17

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