World Famous Places And Icons

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Raebet | 21:05 Wed 15th Jun 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help please? I am doing a quiz where the answers are World Famous Places and Icons and I am stuck on three they are:

Dodgy selling practices employed by this chap! - 3 words

Melancholy barrier - 3 words

Russian Hideaway - 3 words

Any help would be appreciated



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2. The wailing wall
Is there a The Wailing Wall
Clearly there is.
Something to do with Pyramids? (pyramid selling?)
Pyramids of Giza (sounds like Geezer)
All that remains of Solomon's Temple?
Thought TTT might have got that!
1 pyramid of Giza
The iron curtain
3 The Hermitage Museum?

3 The Hermitage Museum
Raebet: I've removed your question (or lack of one) that you posted in Homes and Gardens (also titled 'World Famous Places And Icons') as
(a) it appeared to be in the wrong place ; and
(b) you didn't actually enter anything in the question box anyway!

Please feel to try again in Q&P though ;-)
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Thank you all for your help, I have one more that I am stuck on which I will post!

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World Famous Places And Icons

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