The Km Links Game - January Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:05 Mon 01st Feb 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - looks like a reasonable week ahead of us which for the start of February is most unusual ...the school children returning usually means high 30's for the week ...very pleasant change !!!

Very pleasant in the points dept as well -

Coast Guard
Catherine Wheel
Wind Tunnel
Bone China

And the STAR TURNS came from BUTTERBUN, FIBONACCI & PRESCOTT all of whom collected 6 points for their three correct matches while an excellent sprinkling of 3's and 1's meant lots of action on the Leader Board which will follow this post but .....

I am DELIGHTED to report that the FFC rooms have been completely vacated ...yes they are empty ( mind you, you can see where they've been) and decorating and refurbishing can now take place !!

I'm seriously considering padlocking the whole place up and not letting anyone back in ... no, not even the dedicated few who make NOT scoring into an art form when I see just what they really CAN do !!!

and I'm in too good a mood to really take umbrage with the silly sausages who didn't read the clues and who put Tunnel Vision as their answer ...tut tut tut !!!

Ok well that's my blurb for now Saturday sees the start of a new game for the following four weeks, suffice to say Congratulations to ALL the points scorers, till next time, stay safe and dry,....skz


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And now for the LEADER BOARD -

22 points - lysander

19 points - Aquagility

16 points - eccles & Rose Maybud

15 points - Fibonacci

13 points - Butterbun, cgoody, iminoz, rockfordill & Shazza H

12 points - cliffyg

11 points - angler57, cpfcrosie, Elspeth, JRB, Prescott, tambourine & teacher1

10 points - dannyk13 & scorpiojo

9 points - Gill G & tearinghair

8 points - kawakiri, MargoTester, roslyn251254 & seekeerz

7 points - AlwaysConfused, BigMac, deecee131, tyrepill & twix123

6 points - jillywiskas, masterchef, murraymints, Phyl Prescott & wickedtongue

5 points - Chiefpanda, Dorf45, mallyh & x-ray

4 points - brizzer, cupid04, Jean G, owllady, -SharonA- & ulysses100

3 points - devadiva, HandBagLady, John, Mr W, magicmick, modeste, Muzz, nabob, & sadielady

2 points - Arksided, jobjockey & kettledrum

1 point - anikomo, elliemay1, Mrs E, mamyalynne, Chris H & Strix.

Once again, Congratulations for a very good month to all, we hope for no less for the rest of the year ......Cheers to all, Steff
I seem to have driven off into the sunset and gone from the leader board.
Question Author
OMG. baza I'm so sorry're there on 9 points ... At least you should be there, I don't know how I managed to do that...please come back from the sunset, mea maxima culpa xx
Congratulations, lysander, what a massive score - is this a record, Steff? And Aquagility too - in most months 19 points would be more than enough to win.

Thanks as always; have a good week, everyone!
What are the FCC rooms
Many thanks Seekeerz.I really thought Aquagility would have overtaken me as in the past.Regards Lysander
Oops! As one of those with 'tunnel vision', in my defence I confess that we never saw the clues! Dashed through the airport, managed to grab the words and do the rest on a very bumpy flight home in the company of Storm Gertrude! Serves me right for going on holiday!!
Thanks Steff, and congratulations once again to Lysander.
I had another poor month ending this week with a zero.
I seem to have fallen out of favour with Kate lately
Woweeeee! I didn't expect that but am pleased not to be at the lower end this month. A big congrats to the top scorers. What a difference a 5-week month can make. Congrats to everyone and a very big thanks to Seekerz for all her hard work.
For cannylad:
The FFC is the Free Fall Club, where I, & a few others who don't manage to score very often, seem to spend most of our time!
Well done Lysander , 22 points must be the highest I've ever seen. Thanks for all your efforts Steff
How do I get in the big points club ;-)

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The Km Links Game - January Week 5 And Final Results

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