The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 5 Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:54 Mon 31st Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - decidedly on the sleep deprived scale today - these tennis matches that go on half the night…..grrr. I was exhausted can’t imagine how they felt, but amazing to watch.

Not so sure about our links results …

Leaf Stalk
Flat Mate
White Beam
Catch Phrase

We’ll the first and third matches had no friends …I’ve not heard of a chimney stalk ?? Anyway the STAR TURN came from BUGSY who managed to combine the other two for a three point score, while there were quite a lot of single points which led to activity on the score board, which is my next chore …….

I will return …..


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7 points - Lysander

6 points - angler57

5 points - Buenchico, Fibonacci, jollyroger66, Sam1960 & wickedtongue.

4 points - JJ109, petland, rockfordill & Chris H.

3 points - Bugsy, Muzz & John.

2 points - Arksided, Chiefpanda, cpfcrosie, ducksie, Glarus, Jean G, jillywiskas, MasterChef, Mozz71, Patsy33, roopower, ShazzaH, teacher1, toaster, & weecalf.

1 point- aelmpvw, abi77, brizzer, CricDram, dannyk13, emmie, Elspwth, hazlinny, Gill G, Joolz, karamia, Lady Jo, Magyar, MargoTester, modeste, owllady, roslyn251254, sadielady, scorpiojo, tearinghair, tonyav & twix123

And there we have it …Congratulations ro all the points scorers for the month, you’ve all toiled manfully and/or womanfully (trying to be correct politically here and failing hopelessly) it’s been a difficult one and points hard to come by, but to quote Mr Grace…‘you’ve all done very well ‘

Next week sees a new month in, so it’ll be back to the fray, but in the mean time, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff xx

Thanks skz. Not done very well at all in the last few months, I think I'm off KM's radar.
1 point is better than nowt, i'll take that.....cheers
i'm not on the scoreboard but i got one right yea
I, who have nothing. :-(
Wow, I got a point again. Where's that chair?
Thanks, seekeerz. I've been watching Are You Being Served, they are still so funny.
Yipee! doubled my tally for the month... 2pts.

Well done Lysander on winning it and all the fellow escapees.

Thank you SeekeerzXx
Thanks Steff, my very last answer of the month got me out of the clubhouse. No trip to B & M required today at least.

Well done all the point scorers during this very parsimonious month.
All alone am I, in this room
With a bucket, a mop and a broom
I'll give the windows a wipe
Then stack the glasses up high
Then sit on the barstool... and cry.
Blimey I haven’t been this high up the table for absolutely ages, thanks for all your efforts skrz
Question Author
Apologies mallyh - I’m sorry I missed you from the list, you were one of the lucky ones this week.

Loved the poetry Butterbun, describes me to a T - at least we’ll be the first ones into the club rooms next weekend.

Well done everyone who was on the list, you beat me :(

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The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 5 Final Results

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