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porilo | 10:12 Sat 12th Jul 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anyone know what's happened to Brian Talbot's Daily Express crossword site? I always found it very useful to check my answers or to fill in any missing gaps but today it doesn't seem to be working. Hope Brian is OK.



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Try this: Think it changed this week
11:35 Sat 12th Jul 2014
Try this:

Think it changed this week
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Thanks very much. Isn't it nice to be informed. :-) link doesnt work I copied it letter for letter symbol for symbol from brital.talktalk but cannot find it bummer....... I used it to finish my xwords on Sunday and Monday boo hoo
Oops put html at end instead of htm. I now have found it using link in a previous post. What a dummy ha ha ha. Should have gone to specwhatsits lol
Thanks Mamya. I hadn't heard of that site. Is Danes a Crossword then?

Crusader 11th dec. 27a his atlas is wrong about eastern greek region (9).

has Brian Talbots site moved again?

Thanks for being patient Warker ;-)

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